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based on a true story of becoming an account planner

Sharing Planners = Caring Planners March 30, 2010

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I’m a huge supporter of socializing information and ideas. Hell, I just like to talk… it’s a wonderful trait I acquired from my chatty mother.

Talking and sharing stuff is such a great way for us planners to step away from our desks, get out of our minds for a bit and see things from a fresh perspective. Sharing helps us grow. What’s the use in spending 3 full days researching the ‘grocery shopping habits of moms’ if that information isn’t then collected and discussed? It is our job to put together the stories, using information. Drowning ourselves in numbers, driving ourselves insane and nit-picking over data isn’t the only way to create good stories (nor it is a very good way, anyhow). A single data point can easily be brought to life with real-life examples, examples that exist outside our own personal experiences. Those examples may never surface if we don’t share…

So, don’t keep your mouth shut. Get talking, get sharing and get better! Planners… plan!


Truth in Advertising March 12, 2010

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Happy Friday!

Comic Source: http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/

Get excited and grab a friend… January 12, 2010

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Ok, yes, I’ve been slacking on the blog…

BUT, for good reason. There’s been change and it’s been big… HUGE in fact. Stay tuned for a whole new “…planner in progress…” in 2010. It’s coming. Be excited.

For now, you’ll just have to wait. Please… talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic…. “Sea Monkeys”

Ok. Go.


Follow-up to the Documentary of My Life… October 13, 2009

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Guess I won’t have to will the password of my Facebook account to my grandchildren. I’ll just make sure that they purchase access to my Swiss DNA Bank Account.

For a mere $300 I can store my life in a Swiss Bank account and allow my future family members, and any other parties interested in knowing about my eccentricities and lifestyle for a one-time access charge of $70. That’s about the price of a Dave Matthews Band concert ticket and probably WAY more entertaining (my life has been fairly crazy and comical, worth the admission fee, I promise).

But… still, I can’t help but wonder if social nets, although not protected in an underground bomb shelter (wait, is the internet atomic bomb proof?), would be just as reliable and a much much cheaper way to store my virtual DNA. Hmmm. Think I’ll stick with Facebook for now.

Picture 1


Facebook – The Documentary of My Life October 5, 2009

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I wonder if one day, instead of sitting on the front porch, telling stories to my grandchildren, I’ll just give them access to my Facebook account and call it a day. It’s got more pictures in it than any photo album I could imagine keeping, all my friends from the past and present are part of it, my favorite videos, stories, songs, etc. are all there for the world to see. Something that started as just a fun networking site has now become the virtual storage unit for my life. As this site continues to grow and become an integral part of all of our lives,  I’m wondering what else will we use Facebook for in the future? Just how deep will this social networking site penetrate our lives over the upcoming years?


(I just really loved this stock photo from Veer)

I started to wonder this because I just read an article (via Mashable) regarding Facebook beta testing voice chat. There goes using Skype, now I can use Facebook in replace of or close to in replace of Twitter- I publish to both anyways and so do many that I follow; Flickr- everyone puts their pics on Facebook; YouTube- Video sharing and searching; Google Alerts- Those I’m friends with generally post great articles regarding the topics I subscribe to Google for; YahooReader- same as Google Alerts; AIM/iChat- You can use Facebook for that… and now voice chat!

Will we one day be able to simply “log in” to our lives by logging into Facebook. Medical records, financial accounts, email, social networking, etc. all accessible through one location, easily available and all personalized? Imagine the targeting, or Amazon.com-like recommendations on products, music, photos, videos, upcoming events, medical procedures, special promotions, real estate, jobs, etc. that could be customized just for us, based on what’s part of our profile. Seems logical and almost convenient, but also eerily George Orewell-ish.

I can’t help but wonder if it will mean convenience for a world with less time and more interest in aggregated information. Will my “entitled” generation feel they deserve for some site to just “get them” and make recommendations on what they will like. Although we love finding things out on our own, we also love it when our interests and personalities are taken into account. Personalized choices are already starting to appear in Facebook with recommendations of pages we may like to fan or individuals we may want to friend, based on our profile information. And really, who doesn’t love it when someone says to them,  “Oh you would just love this! I saw it and immediately thought of you!”

So, as I grow older and am starting to post more and more things to Facebook, I’m starting to see it as a little footprint I’ll get to leave on this Earth. It’s my documentary for everything… from that one crazy weekend to the path my career has taken to failed relationships and my favorite movies. Facebook has become more than just a way to share my day-to-day menutia. It’s a virtual archive of my life… Fascinating.


Is there an app for that? September 1, 2009

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Saw this today and thought it was worth posting… enjoy!


two things… August 2, 2009

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Both intrigue, yet severely disturb me… Happy Sunday!

#1 – Canned organic pancakes

Batter Blaster

The first, Batter Blaster. Pancakes in a can? Too weird, yet so interesting!! The thing that REALLY  gets me about this product is that it’s USDA Certified Organic…. wait… it’s pancake batter in a metal can. HOW is that certifiably organic???????

#2 – WARNING if you have a week stomach (like myself) DON’T go any further!!

Presenting, Chicken in a Can…


Oh, yes. It’s an ENTIRE chicken, shoved into a can. A CAN… Ugh and it gets worse.


Oh yeah, that’s what it looks like as it comes out… They call that goop “broth”… I think it looks like Chicken Afterbirth. YYYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!


Dinner anyone?

The best thing is that when I first saw this (thanks to this blog), I totally thought of this infamous scene from the movie Alien.

Overall… YUCK and EW.



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